Our plans for the Shed

Our building is complete and cosists of three main areas: a social area (the Mess Room), a general workshop and a machine shop.

The choice of work/activities carried out in these areas is dependent on the needs and requests of the members. Whilst there is a current bias towards woodworking projects, it need not remain exclusively so and othere activities will doubtless develop in time. We also have a small garden area which we plan to develop.

In order to raise funds for the running of the Shed, members will carry out work such as repairing items or making items for sale. We have already refurbished all the outside tables and benches at the San Remo Cafe in the Park. Mostly the Shed will act as a meeting place for like-minded people to come along socialise and hopefully enjoy themselves. For more information about Sheds look here .


The Shed is run by a committee of five members: Chairman - Mark Lemon, Treasurer - Les Stone, Secretary - Amanda Vaughan with Chas Russell and Jim Vaux.
The Shed has to be self-sufficient financially, which means it is dependent for funding on
  • Members contributions
  • Donations
  • Fund raising activities

Membership fees are currently £20 per annum with a weekly attendance fee of £3.

We are very grateful to organisations which have generously given donations:

We were very grateful for generous grants from
RVS/Asda Shed Foundation
Heart of Bucks
Local Area Forum for Wexham and the Ivers which allowed us to start work on our shed.

We are also deeply indebted to the management and staff of Black Park who have not only provided the premises and materials but have been most welcoming to us.